Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Looks like someone hit the Jackpot this month as Floyd "Money" Mayweather issues a $100,000 reward for the return on his stolen jewelry. It was reported that an intruder broke into Floyd's home through his bedroom window and was able to make off with $7 million in jewelry. There were no injuries in the burglary as no one was in the home when the jewels were taken.

Hey Floyd should be in good shape, rather he's worth the $300 million...no $30 million...wait $100 million that he has reported and changed numerous times he should be able to get some more jewelry. If he's really in need of some cash come holler at us we'll put you on the Midwest plan you can do a couple shows and get it back...Or maybe you could book another blockbuster fight?? I tell you the sport of boxing (my personal favorite) really needs it.

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