Monday, November 3, 2008


Akron athletics has been "on the scene" for years however the national attention that Lebron James has received has tremendously assisted Akron and in a larger scale...the whole state of Ohio!!! While Akron (just like many other cities in the U.S.) has been puttin out positive products for years...So we're gonna call this an "Ode to Akron Athletes"

Below is a look at a commercial for Lebron and his new sneakers...Its actually pretty funny...It features his new sneaker and has a guest appearance from Nicole Scherzinger (the chick from the Pussy Cat Dolls)...Check it out Below!!!

So in this installment we'll focus on football and yea yea I can't talk about football with out mentioning "The Mecca" of Akron football none other than Buchtel High (sorry King) but Garfield pulled a close second...LOL!!! The Akron area has seen its share of talent but I'm going to focus on a few guys who are making there mark in the NFL and college scene right now...

Chris "Beanie" Wells has been doin his thing ever since he set foot on the field in Columbus, OH for the Buckeyes...Not only was he one of the most highly sought after high school RB's in high school he has lived up to the hype with a strong running campaign for the Buckeye's...With Beanie's success at the college level he has been labeled as one of the best backs in college football which has the experts guaranteeing a high draft position in the NFL draft...Beanie continues to remain humble and we wish him the best of luck in his future football endeavours...below is a clip of some hard runs by Beanie...Make sure you check out the stiff arm at the 4:06 mark...Pause!!!

Antonio Pittman is also a strong running back that helped revitalized an Ohio State Buckeye backfield that needed help after the loss of "Maurice Clarett" (you have to put his name in parenthesis)...Pittman was an explosive back that gave the Buckeyes stability at the running back position. After his Buckeye career Pittman was drafted by the New Orleans Saints and was later signed by the St. Louis Rams where he currently resides...With the tough task of backing up a Pro Bowl running back, Pittman has excel in the NFL and has been impressing the coaching staff of the Rams who are impressed with Pittman's upside...Antonio has remained humble as in his off season's he works out in Ohio and often spends time in the Akron community...Below is a video mix featuring some of Pittman's highlights...Clink and Enjoy!!!

Special shout out to Tyrell Sutton (Northwestern) and Lawerence Wilson (Ohio State) who were having great seasons this year in college football but had them ended early due to injury...Tha Takeover Productions hopes to see you all back on the field soon...

This is just Part 1 of this series we plan to get to a ton of other athletes in well as many others if you have any ideas or suggestions hit us up: (please don't flood the inbox with your cousins 9 year old AAU footage)

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