Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My man Mills has been doin his thing up there in Philadelphia, PA for years and his deep rooted ties to the Philadelphia community has resulted in positivity...Make sure you take a look at what the man is doin...(the above photo is G.Mills (left) and DJ Mr.King (right) last year at a Takeover Event...Mills good hearted spirit is resonated in this photo)

According to the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, almost every month this year about 30 lives have been taken due to homicide. The goal of this campaign is to help ease the pain of the families affected. Also, to provide a positive alternative to lower crime in this city. The Founder of Ballers
Convention states, " My campaign serves a purpose which is to assist in decreasing the violence in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas."

Garry Mills, believes "In order to bring violence to an end[in Philadelphia] we all must dig up our grass roots. Provide an outlet that these kids already know and love, basketball". Mills would boast of being one of the Philadelphia Public league's best ball players in its history,therefore he can tell of the positive affects that the game could have on one's life. Basketball proved to bring out his leadership skills at a young age which later nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit. Thereafter, being the brains of Ballers Convention and other entrepreneurial endeavors. This campaign is planned to attract many people with that same spirit and love for basketball.

At the young age of 25, Mills has dedicated his life to this project of violence prevention through the outlet of sports, entertainment and entrepreneurship via Ballers Convention. His believes his life's mission is to be a positive role model to all young men and women specifically in the Philadelphia and West Oak Lane areas.

Ballers Convention is a basketball marketing/event planning company focused on preventing violence and promoting positive lifestyles. It creates brand experiences for consumers through fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment objectives; established with the commitment to bringing a fresh and innovative experience to all who attend our events. We are dedicated to catering to the entertainment needs of young adults, young professional, and entrepreneurs. In our brief existence, we have established a presence in the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.

Ballers Convention encourages families to gather during the holidays and replace "weapons of mass destruction" with basketballs. Replace hate with innovative and progressive ideas for the future...

To purchase a t-shirt,sweatshirt,or to add exposure to this campaign,please feel free to contact:
Garry Mills

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