Monday, February 16, 2009


If you checked out the All Star Game this weekend you saw the NBA fixed attempt to send Shaq off in his last All Star Game Happy!!! I guess the league felt that forcing him and Kobe to patch things up would not only get him his job back as a Sheriff, but remove that tarnish from his legacy!!! There is no chance these two will get back on the same roster unless Shaq is willing to take a backseat as player and I just don't see that happening....but never say never.

On the flip side I was more interested in the duo's music careers??...or whatever you want to call them!!!

Do you remember Kobe and Tyra on the hit track K.O.B.E?? If not check it out below it's a laugher

So not to be outdone Shaq did his thing with his minimal video budget...His first verse is pure comedy!!!!

Shaq definitely had better music than Kobe but let's just say they need to both stick too basketball!!!!

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