Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The ever changing “Hip Hop Fashion World” has adopted a new style. I guess you could say the style is not really new but rather recycled.

I know you remember in the 90’s when the vest, in particular the ‘bubble vest’, was a hot commodity. You could catch just about anybody on the ‘East Coast’ (or the many people that were infatuated with the East Coast) rockin the bubble vest with a hooded sweatshirt, ski cap and Timbs…

Now fast-forward to 2008 and you can still catch the vest on the likes of many celebs and average Joes. As we like to do in our Fashion Forward segment we’re bringing you a new idea and this time it’s under the vest umbrella.

The “Dr. Love” vest is a collaboration of Dr. Romanelli’s custom apparel company & Designer Tetsuzo Okubo in which they put a unique twist on vintage vests. The patchwork and lettering on these vests are crazy and present a look that will definitely turn heads.

You can get your own “Dr. Love” vest via there website Dr.Love or hit up Maxfield in Los Angeles @ (310) 274-8800…Make sure you tell them Tha Takeover Blog sent you!!!

I got mine on the way so if I see you with it on I know where you got it from

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