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Our current Artist Spotlight highlight's DJ Class who is one of the heavy hitters in the Baltimore Club Music Movement...When we got the opportunity to sit down with him we couldn't pass it up!!! Luckily Tha Takeover's own E sat down with him and was able to pick his brain and learn a little more about DJ Class...

To give you a little background there is an excerpt from his bio followed by E's Exclusive Interview with DJ Class & Download of his new single "Im The Ish" featuring Jermaine Dupri and Trey Songz

Born Daniel Woodis in Baltimore MD., the name DJ Class is a name that echoes loudly throughout the club music circuit. To some veterans in the music industry, this man, is not only the Club King but one of the best to ever touch the turntables. The Baltimore native has been mixing since the late 90's, when he got his first gig at the "Underground Night Club". At the age of 19 he signed with the top music production company in the Washington, D.C & Baltimore metropolitan area, Unruly Productions. Shortly after being signed, Dj Class began putting his creativity and talent to work. Not only did he begin fostering his production skills but also his ability to write quality music. Which later paid its dues, when he was asked to co-produce the remix for one of hip-hops most revered party tracks "It takes two" by Dj Kool and Fat Man Scoop.

The mentorship he received from Music Executives Shawn Caesar, Scottie B, Kevin Lyles, Jermaine Dupri, Greg Street and Jay Z has helped DJ Class to launch his career and gain the respect of some of the industry's most valuable players. Dj Class the business man started his own label Class Heat Music in 2001. Dj Class has a celebrated repertoire of producing hit songs like, "Tear the Club Up", "Class in Session", and "Back dat Ass Up". Other career accolades include, production placement on the movie soundtracks "Cecil B. Demented", "No Budget" and "Bankable Bitch". Adding to that list is the production credit for Jay Z's "Twenty Bag Shorty", and the theme song for BET's show "Cita's World". Artist, sound engineer, and label owner are just a few of the hats DJ Class wears. He currently does production work for the number one radio station in the southeast, Atlanta's V103.

When looking at your career and the time that you have spent in the game, what would you attribute your longevity to??
Being humble, prepared and knowing self. This industry is for me and I never lost focus on why I'm here.

So being from Baltimore, and experiencing the "B-More" Club Music, how would you describe it to those that aren't familiar with the sound and the movement??
This is the most "high energy ish" you'll hear in the world. If you like to dance, this is party music on steroids.

I know personally working in the music industry it seems that those that are the most passionate about their craft seem to be the most successful…With that being said, who or what influenced you to get professionally involved with music??
wow..... My list starts with Quincy Jones. Jay-z, Dr Dre, Missy Elliott, and Russell Simmons.

They say everyone leaves a legacy, at the end of your career when people look back and say "DJ Class", what do you want them to remember??
I enjoyed entertaining others, and that I was very instrumental in making Baltimore Club a globally recognized genre of music. It's like how crunk music lived and breathed longer than the world recognized. I am hoping that I am able to brighten the eyes of the world to this genre. I want people to also remember DJ Class as being a good person that could speak good into everyone that crossed my path. Always making the impossible, possible.

In closing, let the people know where they can find you and what projects you've got in the works…
My album Alameda & Coldspring will be in stores this summer. You can also get my single " I'm the Ish" on Itunes right now. We're about to shoot the video with Chris Robinson in coming weeks. People should know that DJ Class is taking club music to a global level, we have the pop audience interested, hip hop fans, the hipster's, and groups of people that enjoy music that make them feel good. It's on...

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