Monday, November 3, 2008


We've got a couple of new tracks that we hope you enjoy...With so much going on this week wanted to make sure we give you a few tracks to get by...I'll say these tracks are for the ladies as we've got some new Jamie Foxx featuring T.I....The Dream featuring Lil John (where's he been)...and T-Pain featuring T.I. and Akron (Ooops I meant Akon my bad)

You know the deal by now click on the links below and enjoy the tracks and make sure you tell all your people where you got the tracks from!!!! Quit puttin all your friends on with the music and tellin them you know these artist and they emailin them to you...That's our job (LOL)...As always shout out Kymp Kamp DJ's...Hustle Squad DJ's...Konvict...Atlantic...Universal and G-Unit they've all been so generous if you have any new music hit us up

T-Pain feat T.I. & Akon -- Aint Me

Jamie Foxx feat T.I. -- Just Like Me

The Dream feat Lil John -- Let Me See That Booty

Don't forget to click the "Download or Bust" link below to get songs you may have missed

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