Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This week's Fashion Forward is dedicated to Supra Footwear...With its fan base ever growing the originally designed skate shoe is quickly becoming a fashion statement in the industry...Supra has designed a stylish shoe that is rock able on a skateboard or to accent the perfect outfit. You can catch one of the many sponsored Skaters in the Supra line-up, like Terry Kennedy, in a pair of Supra's or you could catch Lil Wayne rocking them in his "A Millie" Video...Pictured above is a pair of patent leather Skytop's (you know I have a high top fettish) that were recently released...However Supra has a full arsenal of low's, mid's, high's and even the Cuban slip on shoe for all of you "unique" folks

Whatever your swag is I'm sure you can find it in the Supra line-up...Click the link below where you can find Supra's in your area or via the internet...

Click Here to Check Out Supra Footwear

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