Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I guess it's official Eminem is making that long awaited come back this year...I have to be honest not too sure what too expect. I may catch flack for this one but I was never really in to Em as much as the rest of the industry!!

Just something about the crazy lyrics that I couldn't really rock to. I did enjoy some of his more serious material but later for all that kill mom's and anthrax talk...

This first song released today has generated serious buzz and it features 50 Cent and Dr. Dre who is finally set to release the long awaited "Detox" Album...If both of these albums come out this year we could see a changing of the music industry as sales may begin to rise and some of those artist that were riding on others coat tails will be put on the shelf!!!

Can't say I would be mad!!! Rap...Hip Hop...Whatever you want to call it needs to be upgraded. Every Tuesday there's a number of CD's that are released that are meaningless!!! I haven't been excited about buying an album in years...

Click the link below and enjoy...Pause!!!

Eminem & Dr.Dre & 50 Cent -- Crack A Bottle

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