Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As always we keep hittin you in the head with NEW Grand Hustle Material...This sh** right here!! This sh** right heeeere ni**a!!! Is the new Mixtape from my man Leland Austin -aka- Yung LA

This new release is a series of the always popular DJ Drama: Gansta Grillz Series and it's entitled "Lamborghini Leland"!!!

It's something about Yung LA's delivery that I really like...Maybe it's the borderline singing or maybe the futuristic trend that is in right now but I'm feeling his music!!!

Big Shout out to Cherise over at Grand Hustle New Media for the Look!!!

Man can I just say this is the hottest Mixtape Artwork I've seen it awhile...It reminds me of the old Snoop Artwork on his albums!!! Yea you know what I'm talking bout...LOL!!!

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