Friday, February 27, 2009


If you didn't know highly respected rap duo The Clipse have started their own clothing line titled "Play Cloths". The collection features a logo of a child (early to mid 1900's) as it's front logo. The style of clothing presented with "Play Cloths" provides a unique style that mimics the bright colors and clean look of (their former bosses line) BBC collection.

Releasing their clothing early this fall Play Cloths has quickly been catching on and is becoming a household name in boutiques across the country. I mean you won't be able to find this at your local mall, especially not Macy's, but if you know where to find good shopping in your area you'll be able to find this line.

Thanks to my man MT (CORPORATE) I picked up some Play Cloths early this fall and with their new collection out just in time for the Spring I'll definitely be making a few calls pretty soon...

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