Thursday, January 29, 2009


Welcome to Recession Blvd which I think this is a street in every city across America...If you don't know where it is its not too far from Martin Luther King Jr Blvd which is also a street in every city in America!!!!

So the topic for our Recession Update today is Unemployment...Check out the tops states for unemployment rates as of now...Just wanted to post this for info purposes, please don't tell your baby mama that Tha Takeover said you couldn't get no job and that she needs to keep payin your Metro/Revol Bill and your student loans from your 1.5 semesters at Culinary School!!!

15 Worse States to Find Work
1. Michigan ... 10.6 percent
December 2007: 7.4 percent
Over-the-year rate change: 3.2 percent
Mean annual salary: $42,210

2. Rhode Island ... 10.0 percent
December 2007: 5.2 percent
Over-the-year rate change: 4.8 percent
Mean annual salary: $42,210

3. South Carolina ... 9.5 percent
December 2007: 6.2 percent
Over-the-year rate change: 3.3 percent
Mean annual salary: $34,650

4. California ... 9.3 percent
December 2007: 5.9 percent
Over-the-year rate change: 3.4 percent
Mean annual salary: $45,990

5. Nevada ... 9.1 percent
December 2007: 5.2 percent
Over-the-year rate change: 3.9 percent
Mean annual salary: $16,750

On a more serious note, we understand that it is difficult to find work out here...Times are hard and we hope everyone the best of luck in their job searches. If you have a job make sure you treat it with respect because there are hundreds of thousands of people who need work and would love to be in your shoes!!!

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