Monday, January 5, 2009


Soooo Happy New Year once again and man is Katt Williams bringing in the New Year on his "Real Ni**a" Campaign...After having his sanity tested Williams has been staying true to himself and it is apparent in his stand-up show in Detroit over the New Year's Holiday...

If you've been hiding under a rock I guess you didn't know that Katt's show featured Steve Harvey, who was challenged by Katt Williams prior to the show...He vowed the Harvey was not a "King of Comedy" and that you can't self proclaim a title that large!!!

We've got a few clips on here from the show man are they hilarious!!! Harvey chose not address the situation but we all know Katt didn't hold his tongue...

On the flip-side Katt also had a few things to say about T-Pain and his hosting of the BET Awards despite Katt being highly publicized as the host

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