Thursday, September 11, 2008


Is it Thursday already?!? This week has went by fast! We are going with Ludacris this week for out Throwback pick of the week...Enjoy!!

First up we have 'Move Bitch' off of his 2001 Word of Mouf album. This song features Mystical (does anyone know when he gets out of jail?) and I-20. This song had everyone going around elbowing people telling them to "move bitch get the f*ck out the way!"

Here is his video for 'Stand Up' off of his 2003 Chicken -N- Beer album. This has to be one of his funniest videos to date...especially him carrying a midget around his neck as a necklace and when he was the dancing baby(LOL!!)...Is that Lauren London that he picks up in the line @ the club?

Oh yeah before we forget...Happy B-Day Luda!

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