Friday, August 15, 2008


Here are a couple links I just had to post up...Just a couple things that have been floating around out there...These links are in no way altered so if you don't like what you see look in the mirror...Pause!!!

While the 3rd Annual TJ's/DJ's & 2008 Ozone Awards Weekend took place, anticipation was at an all time high...However the weekend seemed to fall short of all the anticipation!!! Rather it was the altercation that took place between Mike Jones and Trae...Or the show not starting on time and being completely unorganized for the 2nd straight year...Or the panels that seem to be the same year in and year out...Check this link from one of the panels Funny or Rude? You be the judge

While the back and forth was going on at the panels Dorrough was on the other side of town shuttin the city down with his hit single "Halle Berry"...If you don't know about him check out his exclusive mixtape with our own DJ MR KING (Click To Download Dorrough Mixtape)...In the meantime watch the footage and enjoy...Shout out to Hustle Squad DJ's, Hustle Fam Marketing, Classik wat up

Last but not least we had to put this one in for the Ladies (thanks for the link)...After Monica's reality show "Single" aired last week there has been a huge buzz over the song that she recorded during the show...Funny thing is the record execs on her label didn't feel the song had lead single potential...Just another example of how record execs claim to be in touch with the streets and know about music and continue to make bad choices...Click the link below and check it out

Monica feat Ludacris--Still Standing

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