Sunday, August 10, 2008


So "The Recession" is due out next month and Jeezy has been taking a pretty descent stance on the state of the economy. I like to see the artists in power using their celebrity to get a message across without overdoing it...I'm not too sure what the album will sound like but I'm sure it won't disappoint based on the previous two albums (especially the first one...certified classic). Jeezy has a new mixtape out right now hosted by DJ Infamous titled "The Prime Minister" make sure you check that out. With that being said take a listen to this track below...I don't think it will be on the album but it's something for the hood to appreciate...Click the link and enjoy

Young Jeezy--Crazy World

Jae Millz has been tearing through cats on the street level for years and has been a strong lyricist but when making the transition from the streets to the mainstream industry many "street lyricist" find it difficult to fit. Rather its the record execs shuttin down projects or the artists not used to the structure of the labels...there tends to friction. Millz, however, is looking to break this trend by aligning himself with Cash Money man Mr. Carter as he attempts to assist Millz with transition from the streets to the industry. I guees you could say this is another one for Young Money??

Personally I've always liked Jae Millz...Nice flow...Nice presence...Equals an eventual track for the Industry. I like this one, click and let me know what you think...Pause!!!

Jae Millz feat Maliq--When They See Me

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