Thursday, August 21, 2008


If you don't know Ludacris recently released a mixtape titled "The Preview". On this mixtape there is a track where he goes in on the election and talks about Hilary and Soon to Ex-President Bush (yessss!!)...If you don't know about Chuck T he's the same DJ that leaked "The Carter III" after Wayne spoke about mixtape DJ's. In regards to the Ludacris track Obama quickly spoke against the track sayin that the views represented in the song were in no way related him or his campaign. Personally I feel Obama is justified...People don't realized that in his position Obama has to play his cards right so he won't be another Jesse or Al Sharpton who speaks for the community but never quite made it over the hump...However I don't think Chuck felt the same...You gotta respect the man for his opinions and not being scared to voice them...

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