Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey you know we keep you laced with a few tracks a week so what would the week of Thanksgiving be without a few exclusives...Right I couldn't think of anything either!! Just a few things to try to squeeze in your Thanksgiving mixes or parties or iPod or whatever...

We've got some Jamie Foxx of his new album featuring Lil Wayne...I think Jamie Foxx is really puttin in work on his new album which features T.I. (which we featured over a week ago), Rick Ross, Wayne & T-Pain just to name a few...

There's also some new Jeezy & Pharell (I don't like to put featuring when the artist makes the beat and sings on the track)...Jeezy was reported to say he may record a video for every song on The Recession just because he's bored...He actually just shot a video for "My President" this past Sunday on Auburn Ave in downtown Atlanta...That's a big song and should be a big video!!!

Oh yea can't forget my man Joe Budden with his new single off his alum Padded Room which is slated to hit stores this I've said before Joe Budden is one of the lyrical elite in rap!!! His new track is entitled "The Future" and it features The Game...Click and Enjoy...Pause!!!

Young Jeezy & Pharell -- Rumor Has It

Jamie Foxx & Lil Wayne -- Get Dumb

Joe Budden & The Game -- The Future

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