Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Joe Budden has been recognized amongst the industry as one the best artist and lyricist in the game...The average consumer hasn't seen an album from Budden since his self titled album in 2003 which featured the hit single "Pump it Up"...However Hip Hop heads have been listening to Joe through the heavily polluted mixtape game in which Budden has created a classic mixtape series Mood Muzik, in which volume 3 of the series has been seen as one of the best mixtapes in the past 10 years (and I agree)!!! With all of the politics that go into the records business Joe Budden is still strugglin to release an over the counter album but in the meantime he continues his mixtape domination with his new work Halfway House...

Sure to not disappoint we've got a download of the mixtape for you below courtesy of Onsmash...Make sure you add this to your collection

Joe Budden--Halfway House

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