Monday, September 22, 2008


When Mondays come around (schedules permitting) we try to service you with new music...So this week schedules permitted and here goes a few tracks for you to check out. Do what you do with them...Play them in the club, put em on your mixtapes, put em on your cd's you ride around to...hell put them on you myspace page!!! Just remember where you got them and spread the word (you can check all of our old posts if you missed some downloads by clicking the "download or bust" link below the post in red...comments are greatly appreciated)...

So we're big fans of the reggae scene and Collie Buddz has been on that scene since he released his last smash "Come Around"...Well he's back in the mix with this track "Hustle"...If your into the islands you'll enjoy this one click and enjoy...Pause!!!
Collie Budz--Hustle

Ludacris is also set to release his new album "Theater of the Mind" which is the album that he feels will get him back on track as an "elite artist"...I honestly wasn't feeling the last album he released but what I have heard on this new album (about 6 songs) I am impressed and this new track "Undisputed" ft Floyd Mayweather is a nice track...
Ludacris ft Floyd Mayweather--Undisputed

This last track is from my man Alchemist...He's been in the industry for awhile and his production has been touched my nearly every artist on the east coast. He's one of those producers that we enjoy and pull for because he doesn't switch up his style for the industry, he sticks to his guns...This track is one that features Snoop, Jadakiss and Pusha T (from the clipse)...Click and enjoy
Alchemist ft Snoop Dogg,Jadakiss,Pusha T--Lose Your Life

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